Primetime CNN, MSNBC Ignore VA Dems Supporting Post-Birth Abortions [Video] | NewsBusters

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There were crickets in large swaths of the liberal media on Wednesday as the left’s attempt to advance late-term abortion measures took an even more gruesome turn as pediatric neurologist and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) articulated on WTOP-FM support for infanticide if parents decide with physicians to not provide care to a delivered child if deemed unviable.

Just as the broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC did earlier in the evening, a NewsBusters analysis found that liberal cable networks CNN and MSNBC ignored Northam’s comments during their primetime programming. For this analysis, CNN and MSNBC shows from 7:00 p.m. Eastern to midnight Eastern were examined.

In contrast, a look at the Fox News Channel programs in that span (The StoryTucker Carlson TonightHannityThe Ingraham Angle, and Fox News @ Night) yielded 67 minutes and 23 seconds of coverage on Northam’s comments, unsuccessful attempts by Virginia Democrats to pass a late-term abortion bill, and how New York was able to push through such a law last week.

Source: Primetime CNN, MSNBC Ignore VA Dems Supporting Late-Term Abortions | NewsBusters