DOJ Inspector General sends criminal referral of Andrew McCabe to federal prosecutors | Washington Times

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The Justice Department inspector general has already referred former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s case to federal prosecutors to decide whether to bring a case against him, press reports said Thursday.

The referral came some time ago, even though the inspector general’s report was only made public last week, The Washington Post reported.

That investigation found that Mr. McCabe lied to both his then-boss, FBI Director James Comey, and to both FBIagents and inspector general investigators, about a leak he orchestrated to The Wall Street Journal in 2016.

Mr. McCabe confirmed to the paper that the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation — something the bureau had studiously avoided confirming — as the deputy director sought to salvage his own reputation from reports he was hindering the probe.

Source: Andrew McCabe criminal referral sent to U.S. Attorney | Washington Times