Trump to release secret JFK files: President says he will allow classified documents on 1963 assassination to be made public | Daily Mail Online

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  • Trump said that he will unseal tens of thousands never-before-seen documents on the assassination of JFK
  • Officials with the security establishment, however, have urged Trump not to release everything 
  • Trump made the announcement via Twitter early Saturday morning 
  • Scholars have been speculating for weeks whether Trump would release the documents related to Kennedy’s death
  • Experts say they’re not expecting any bombshell revelations in the documents
  • They do expect, however, to learn about Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities while staying in Mexico in 1963
  • President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while riding in his motorcade in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963
  • Oswald was arrested for Kennedy’s murder, and shot to death two days later by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby  

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Source: Trump to release secret JFK files | Daily Mail Online